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Updated Marketing Mailing Lists

Gannett Newspaper Statements – New to ALC!
The Gannett Billing Statement program allows advertisers to have their insert piece included with the invoices Gannett mails to their subscribers across 30 US states.

Ogden Publications rolls Capper’s into Capper’s Farmer
This publication delivers positive, life affirming stories to a rural audience. From DIY projects to humorous and heartwarming stories of rural America, readers turn to Capper’s Farmer for advice and answers.

FranklinCovey Consumer Product Buyers – New to ALC!
Reach an organized and affluent audience of working women passionate about increasing productivity and achieving success in every aspect of their lives. FranklinCovey consumer product buyers purchase a variety of merchandise from the site to embrace their inner organizer and get more out of life.

Natural Cures – New to Market!
The latest book from best selling author Kevin Trudeau, “Natural Cures,” provides holistic methods for healing the body naturally. Buyers are interested in becoming pain free, feeling better, losing weight and living longer – a perfect audience for consumer healthcare, nutrition and diet products and supplements.

Canada Direct
ALC continues to enrich the Canada Direct database with the addition of deeper data and greater selectivity. New offerings from Canada Direct include:

Canada Direct – Consumer Lifestyles
Target Canadian consumers by such lifestyle traits as: Hobbies, Interests, Mail Order Purchases, Finance, Investing, Readership Preferences, Travel and more. Data is derived from self-reported survey responses through Canada Post.

Canada Direct – Automobile Owners

Reach Canadian automobile owners by the Make, Type (Compact, SUV, Luxury, etc.), Model and Year of car that they own as reported by IHS Automotive.

Canada Direct – Charitable Donors

Identifies Canadian consumers who have indicated an interest in supporting Animal Welfare, Children’s, Environmental/Wildlife Conservation, Health and Religious causes. Select by type of cause.

Canada Direct – Consumer Credit Scores

Canadian consumer credit scores are sourced directly from Equifax data and targets consumers at the Postal Code level. Consumers are identified as High (750+), Medium (650-750) and Low (‹650).

For a complete view of the Canada Direct files, click here.

Telecharge Ticket Buyers Perfect Match Modeling Program – Coming Soon
These buyers come from all over the United States to experience some of the world’s greatest live entertainment. Ticket buyers will be combined and overlaid with Experian Insource data to present the largest, single-source of Telechage data available for custom modeling. The Telecharge audience offers direct marketers the opportunity to connect with affluent individuals who are lovers of entertainment, travel and culture.

Updated Marketing Mailing Lists

Luxury Cruise News/Your Travel Insider – The Passionate Travelers Database – New Social Media Select Just Released
For travel enthusiasts planning their next adventures, Luxury Cruise News and Your Travel Insider are their “go to” sites for exciting domestic and international destinations. This affluent audience spends generously on their passion for travel and many other luxury products and services. New selection just released: 1,400,000 Social Media Users!

Sweepstakes Advisor Newsletter Subscribers – Newly Enhanced!
These direct mail sourced subscribers to the Sweepstakes Advisor Newsletter are serious about winning! And the 27 continuing mailers who have tested the file are serious about great response.

Link2Me Peer2Peer Donor Connections
ALC Link2Me Donor Connections takes peer-to-peer “friendraising” to the next level – Identifying relatives, friends, neighbors and associates closely connected to your best donors who have most likely heard about your cause and are predisposed to joining their friends in support of it.

Updated Marketing Mailing Lists

Yankee Publishing Masterfile
The recent update now encompasses Yankee Magazine, Old Farmer’s Almanac and the new addition of the New Hampshire titles including New Hampshire Magazine and Home and Business Review. This allow targeting of offers throughout New England states with increased regional counts

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)
The September update now totals over with 270,000 24-month donors. These donors support the official national Democratic campaign committee charged with recruiting, assisting, funding and electing Democrats to the U.S. House of Representatives.

This file of compassionate donors who support the mission of eliminating cataract blindness worldwide now includes 93,342 donors through September.

Milestones Registered Voters
Newly updated, this file delivers the most complete national coverage of registered voters – reach more than 160 million registered voters, segmentable by party affiliation and available at both home and email address.

ALC MD Physician by Specialty at Home or Business Address
Physicians by Specialty at Home Address
Physicians by Specialty at Business Address
Newly updated, with over 1 million practicing physicians targetable by specialty, ALC MD lets marketers target doctors through a variety of channels, including: Home Address, Business Address, Telephone, Email Address.

Medical Office Managers
Freshly updated, ALC MD gives marketers access to the medical office managers by specialty who make and recommend much of their practice’s purchase decisions at business address. They are available for multichannel marketing via mail, phone and email address.

Updated Marketing Mailing Lists

Sweepstakes Advisor Newsletter Insert Program
We are now accepting orders for 2015 insertion and this program fills up FAST.

Accutrend New Business - Digital Display Audience
Now digital B2B marketers can serve 100% of online ad impressions to an audience of known new business owners and entrepreneurs. Advertisers can reach these professionals by specific keywords used when these new business owners search for specific products and services. Those who click through can be retargeted with offers to bring them back to a website or landing page.

North Shore Animal League America – Modeling Program
The sizable North Shore database can be used for modeling to better target mailer’s audience and increase ROI through the use of predictive variables. The database consists of both traditional and non-traditional donors and responders combined with transactional and enhanced data to build the perfect fit for upcoming campaigns!

Mental Floss 100 Amazing Facts You Should Know
This fast growing subscriber file is the perfect way to reach intelligent consumers from trivia addicts to knowledge junkies. Paying over $21.97 for subscriptions, these heavy readers love to keep abreast of everything like 100 Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know. They have a magnetic attraction to all types of cerebral topics: the arts, literature, science, religion, history and world culture.

Small Businesses Spend More on Social Than Any other Media – Let MarketForce be Your Multichannel Solution
According to Ad Age, “Social is No.1 in usage and spending” among small businesses and MarketForce can deliver them en masse. These heavy users of social media are also in demand for a variety of personal & professional goods and services for their new, established and growing businesses. MarketForce entrepreneurs are now available for multi-touch, omnichannel marketing including postal, telemarketing, digital, video and mobile messaging.

Updated Marketing Mailing Lists

Cowboys & Indians Magazine – Publishes Landmark 150th Issue!
Since 1993, Cowboys & Indians Magazine has served as the premier magazine of the west covering the upscale Western Lifestyle with features on Art, Fashion, Travel, Home Decor, Celebrities and more. Vivid photography, great editorial, and access to the finest the west has to offer have made Cowboys & Indians a must read for everyone who yearns for all the Western Lifestyle has to offer.

Active Interest Media Announces Major Cross-Platform Relaunch of The Yoga Journal Brand
A complete print and web redesign of the world’s leading yoga media brand was unveiled with the October issue geared toward serving the needs and aspirations of today’s smart, sophisticated, and ever--more--diverse yoga practitioners. Check out the news announcement here!

Neiman Marcus Unveils 7 Ultimate Gifts for Holiday 2014

  1. His and Hers Quadskis - 4X4 that converts to jetski ($50K)
  2. Ultimate 5 Day Mardi Gras for 12 ($125K)
  3. Tanqueray No. Ten Imperial Shaker plus a 1-year supply of No. Ten gin and cocktail mixing lessons for 20 ($35K)
  4. Six Foot Tall Floral Peacock Sculpture designed by event planner Preston Bailey ($65K)
  5. Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Maserati Ghibli SQ4 Sedan ($95K)
  6. House of Creed Custom Fragrance Journey featuring two 1st class tickets to Paris, 3 nights in a 5-star hotel, meeting with master perfumer, 24 14-karat gold-gilded 6 liter bottles and 12 14-karat gold-accented leather atomizers containing your personal fragrance. ($475K)
  7. Custom 30 x 12 Foot Slot Car Raceway replica of classic Formula 1 racetrack ($300K)
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